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An evaluation of NETHOST23

We, at, have picked 'NETHOST23' to be our current domain name and web hosting supplier. Therefore we imagine that this brief evaluation of 'NETHOST23' is maybe going to be quite useful for other folks from all over the World in search for domain name and web hosting services. We say individuals from all over the Globe, because the simple truth is that 'NETHOST23' presently offers domain and hosting services in several data center locations: in North America (Chicago, IL), in the UK (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Sweden (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). Thereby, embracing nearly the whole Earth. At least as far as the World Wide Web is concerned. So, here is what you could anticipate from 'NETHOST23' in a nutshell:

Shared Webspace Hosting Packages

The initial detail we, at, have perceived is the inexpensive prices of the shared web space hosting accounts offered by 'NETHOST23'. Shared doesn't seem very good, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared hosting. The good thing here is that the site hosting packages delivered by 'NETHOST23' are powered by a custom developed, state-of-the-art cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, like mail, databases, web space hosting CP, storage space, DNS, stats, and so on, is being run on an independent group of web hosting servers in a cluster). This is a circumstance EVERY cPanel web hosting provider on the Globe will have considerable troubles with, since cPanel is a one single server based web site hosting platform (each web hosting service, like electronic mail, databases, hosting CP, data storage, DNS, statistics, etc., is being handled by one and the same server), cPanel is not open source (therefore the cPanel-based hosting suppliers are not able to include additional functionality and handle it the way they need it) and there is no open source file platform (they have to devise their own file platform), which is at the bottom of any cloud web hosting service. Let's go back to the shared site hosting accounts, which are driven by a genuine cloud webspace hosting system. With a shared web site hosting account, each customer pays only for his/her plan, thus maintaining the website hosting price very low (because multiple customers are located on the same web server). To cut a long story short, a shared hosting plan, which runs on a cloud web page hosting platform, enables you to pay just for the resources that you indeed need, averting a scenario where you pay for a powerful website hosting plan that you cannot truly utilize, or for a basic hosting package that cannot host your web page. The option to upgrade your account from one package to another with just 2 clicks of the mouse grants you the flexibility to kick off with a tiny plan and upgrade as your online presence grows. In this way, you save funds that you can spend on publicizing the web page while it is still brand new. Each site hosting plan supplied by 'NETHOST23' sports an online site builder and over forty popular script software platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will spare you 100s of dollars for web design solutions. 'NETHOST23' delivers shared website hosting services in several different countries across the World. There is one datacenter in Chicago covering the United States and Canada; two European server farms - in Great Britain and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which encompasses the Asia-Pacific region. Thus, practically the whole World is encompassed to provide you and your site's visitors with a steady and fast web site hosting solution at a preferred place. All in all, the shared hosting packages furnished 'NETHOST23' are really well appointed and are available at a very affordable price (starting from $4.95 for the Business package).